Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt slammed the LNP’s infrastructure priorities, with Treasurer Tim Nicholls refusing to release financial modelling proving his claims that savings were being made by constructing Campbell Newman’s new office tower in the Brisbane CBD.

“It’s clear the Newman Government has been determined to build itself a new riverfront office block at any cost,” Mr Pitt said.

“The new Executive Building is the Neman Government’s one and only major infrastructure project and the government continues to starve regional Queensland of projects that could generate local jobs and stimulate regional economies.”

[singlepic id=496 w=320 h=240 float=left] Mr Pitt said the Treasurer’s secrecy around the project could only lead to questions that he was being less than honest when he claimed that ‘Newman’s palace’ wasn’t costing taxpayers a cent.

“If the new building for the Premier and his Ministers was financially benefiting taxpayers as Mr Nicholls’ claims, why won’t the Treasurer release the modelling that proves it?” Mr Pitt said.

“When I asked him yesterday to release the modelling he refused, and when I asked him if he was doing his sums on the back of an envelope, he didn’t dispute it.

“The fact is that Campbell Newman’s pet project is going to cost taxpayers, and it’s the infrastructure needs of regional Queensland that are going to pay the price.

“’Newman’s palace’ is the LNP’s only new major infrastructure project, at a time when their own policies have stifled economic growth and driven up the unemployment rate to 6.4% – a 10 year high.

“And if that’s the LNP’s first priority, it seems that their second is to facilitate the wishes of big business to build a new casino in Brisbane.

“It speaks volumes of this Government that their top two infrastructure priorities are a new skyscraper for themselves and a new casino in Brisbane.

“The LNP’s hammered regional Queensland with job cuts, the slashing of services, huge insurance tax increases and massive electricity price hikes.

“Their lack of vision for major regional centres like Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone and Rockhampton could hold back the development of those regions.

“Ultimately that means less jobs and less prosperity for regional Queensland under the LNP.”