Queensland families will be hundreds of dollars worse off from today as a raft of increases by the Newman Government and LNP Brisbane City Council hit hard at household budgets

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said despite the Premier’s on-the-record commitment to lower the cost of living, Queensland families would from today be paying more for electricity, rates, tolls and government services.

“This is a government that went to an election promising to address the cost of living and making wild commitments to lower charges for the things that families and households cannot function without – things like electricity,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Premier and the Treasurer and their government have broken that promise, pure and simple.

“They have failed in their fundamental commitment and today every Queensland mum and dad, every Queensland family will have their household budget hammered.

“It was Campbell Newman who said he’d lower power bills. He’s broken that promise.

“it was Tim Nicholls who said there’d be no tax increases in the 2013 budget. He’s broken that promise.

“Everywhere I go, Queenslanders are telling me that they didn’t vote for Campbell Newman’s broken promises on the cost of living.

Mr Pitt said from today, cost increases would include:

  • The average electricity bill will increase by up 22.6 per cent – or about $267 a year
  • Council rates will rise $45 a year
  • State Government department fees and charges will increase by up to 3.5 per cent
  • Tolls on Clem7, GoBetween Bridge, Gateway Bridge, Logan Motorway will increase.

“The LNP government promised to take Queensland in one direction – downwards on the cost of living – but the simple fact is that within the space of barely a year, we are going in precisely the opposite direction.

“This government does not care about families and the increased pressures they are facing.

“This is a government that has done nothing to address those pressures, electing instead to sack thousands of workers and slash critical frontline services

“Queenslanders are not likely to forget that.”