Shadow Energy Minister, Curtis Pitt, says any changes to the state’s electricity system by the Newman Government must guarantee lower power bills, no job cuts, no sale of Energex or Ergon, plus guarantee reliability of supply.

“The Premier and all LNP Ministers and MPs promised before the 2012 state election to cut power bills,” Mr Pitt said.

“The current Treasurer Tim Nicholls promised power bills would be lower under the LNP than under Labor.

“They promised a cut of at least $120 a year for average households.

“The Newman Government needs to explain what are the specific changes they propose that will lead to lower power bills.

“Whatever changes they make to the organisational structure of the industry, a lower power bill is the benchmark against which consumers will judge the Newman Government.

“Householders should be keeping their power bills to compare them against bills they receive in the lead-up to the next state election to see if they drop by an average $120.”

Mr Pitt said the changes to the state’s power supply system announced today would be studied in detail by the Opposition.

“It is too early to provide a detail response, and everyone knows that anything the Newman Government proposes usually contains fine print, loopholes, and escape clauses,” he said.

“We will be studying the government’s proposals in detail, but we also believe that changes to power distribution bodies Ergon and Energex must not come at the cost of jobs, especially in Ergon that serves regional Queensland.

“Consumers will also expect no cut in service standards and reliability of supply.”