Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt says Cairns residents are sick of Gavin King’s political games on the Cairns CBD revamp funding.

“The hypocrisy from Mr King is breathtaking, not to mention insulting to the people of Cairns, ” Mr Pitt said.

“The facts are simple. Under Labor, the 2011-12 Budget Papers had $38 million locked in for the project.

“As a journalist at the time, Gavin King wrote a story congratulating the former Government on the funding allocation.

“Then when Gavin King and Campbell Newman came to power, they actually cut that funding.

“Now Mr King says he has only $5 million in funding, but even that is not definitively accounted for in the Budget.

“If the money’s not in the Budget Papers, how can Mr King claim the money is available?

“The Treasurer’s in town today. He should explain why the funding isn’t even in the Budget Papers at all.

“Since Mr King’s been elected, Cairns has been hit hard by job cuts, cuts to services, and a massive $185 million cut to capital works in the region this year alone.

“His political games on the CBD revamp reveal how ineffective he is representing the interests of Cairns to his bosses in Brisbane.”