Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said Campbell Newman should immediately come to the far north and explain why he said Queensland families are ‘massively in front’.

“The Premier’s comments show he and his government are massively out of touch with Queenslanders,” Mr Pitt said.

“How can people be so far in front when his second Budget was littered with broken promises?

“How can people be in front when he promised to save the average household $330 a year and they now face an average $600 in extra household costs?

“How can people be in front with skyrocketing insurance premiums in disaster areas thanks to Newman’s huge insurance tax hikes?

“The Premier promised at the election to reduce electricity bills. Last week the average household was slugged with an extra $268.

“This is at a time where his job cuts and service cuts from last year have hammered our economy.

“The Premier’s comment sounds like John Howard’s infamous ‘Australian families have never been better off’ and is equally out of touch.

“Far from being in front, the Newman Government is taking Queenslanders backwards with lower growth, higher taxes, higher unemployment and higher deficits.

“This is yet another display of extreme arrogance from a Premier that has broken too many promises to the people of Queensland.”