Today, Campbell Newman’s confirmed his budget of broken promises.

It is a Budget that shows the economy slowed under Campbell Newman this financial year and will continue to grow slower, with higher unemployment, over the next three years.

After promising to reduce the cost of living, reduce debt and reduce taxes, Campbell Newman has increased the cost of living, increased debt, and increased taxes.

Families around Queensland will be asking themselves if they’re better off out of this Budget, and the answer is definitely no.

It’s a budget of lower growth and higher unemployment, and it locks in the profits Campbell Newman will receive by charging families an extra 22.6% on their electricity bills.

Insurance taxes are up, the fire levy is up, water prices are up, electricity prices are skyrocketing – all after Campbell Newman said he’d reduce the cost of living.

The LNP have introduced a $1.2 billion insurance and fire tax slug over four years after saying this budget wouldn’t contain any new taxes.

This Budget confirms mass privatisation and outsourcing of front-line services particularly in health – leading to fewer health workers to care for a larger population over the next four years.

The Premier’s surplus in 2015-16, itself a year later than promised, is fuelled only by a surge in exports thanks to the LNG industry.

If Campbell Newman’s sole economic strategy is to ride on the back of the gas industry, then he only has the former Labor Government to thank for it.

It’s also looking increasing unlikely that the Premier will get to his four per cent unemployment target, with the unemployment rate of 5.25% in 2016-17 having to drop by one per cent in one year to fulfil his promise.

As we’ve consistently said the Queensland economy will recover over the medium term, despite this LNP Government, not because of it.

After the mountain of promises Campbell Newman has broken, Queenslanders can’t believe anything this Budget says.