After promising to reduce the cost of living, Campbell Newman has broken a key election promise to reduce the cost of electricity bills for Queensland families.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Queenslanders were set to pay for the Newman Government’s economic mismanagement through higher power prices.

“Queenslanders voted for Campbell Newman because he told them he’d reduce the cost of living. Now they’re just seeing household costs go up and up,” Mr Pitt said.

“Mr Newman promised a rebate of $120 a year on electricity bills for three years. The axing of this rebate is yet another broken promise from this Premier and his Government.

“That means electricity bills for the average household would’ve risen by between $300 and $400 in the 14 months the LNP has been in power.

“Campbell Newman is arrogantly using is massive parliamentary majority to break his election promises, abusing the trust Queenslanders put in him at the 2012 election.”

Mr Pitt said it’s been a chaotic 24 hours for the LNP Government, which has also announced an insurance tax increase and a tax slug on business.

“Campbell Newman’s insurance tax hike will hurt Queensland families, especially those in flood prone areas.

“The last thing flood victims need is even bigger insurance premiums.

“Even though the former Government didn’t increase insurance duty, the then Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said ‘insurance stamp duty slug is a windfall on misery’, yet here he is actually increasing insurance taxes.

“And the deferral of the payroll tax threshold increase will hurt the businesses that put their faith in Campbell Newman to lower the tax burden.

“Campbell Newman’s second budget is going to be a horror show of increased taxes and increased debt, and he only has himself to blame.”


LNP challenges ALP – steal our policy, for the sake of all Queenslanders

Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls has challenged the Bligh government to adopt the LNP’s electricity policy.

“Hypocrites like the treasurer have been bleating about LNP policies – but the government has stolen four of our policies already – and we are encouraging them to steal this one as well.

“No wonder Mr Fraser, recognised as the worst treasurer in Australia, is begging for more of our policies to be released.”

In his Budget Reply speech Mr Nicholls outlined reforms to electricity pricing that would save an average household around $120 per year – compared to Labor’s policy.

“Our policy offers real and measurable savings to power bills – which have blown out every year under the economic mismanagement of the Bligh government.

“The LNP is committed to easing the cost of living pressure on Queenslanders – and in a gesture of goodwill, we’re asking Labor to implement this policy now – today – right away, and give struggling Queenslanders fair dinkum relief from ALP bill shock.

“If the ALP declines our generous offer – then we pledge that we will introduce the electricity savings immediately if the LNP is successful in the state election.

“The series of policies that I’ve announced today are necessary, responsible, and will ease average household budgets by around $250 to $330 per year.

“The CanDo LNP team will continue to release innovative policies between now and the the next election.

“The treasurer has been making blustering remarks this week that he is one of the big boys in town – I challenge him to have a big heart and steal this policy for the sake of the Queenslanders he has punished over the years.”

“Only the LNP promises real change – and will deliver real savings for taxpayers.”