Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Premier’s admitted that his big new tax on families will be in the budget, but won’t yet tell families how much it will cost.

“The State Opposition is opposed to Campbell Newman’s big new tax on families,” Mr Pitt said.

“Today in Parliament, we asked the Premier if he’d bother to tell families how much they’ll have to fork out under his big new tax, but he refused.

“But his statement that the Treasurer would have it in his Budget papers was a clear admission that Queenslanders can expect to be hit with a big new tax in less than two weeks’ time.

“The Treasurer chimed in in an attempt to soften up Queensland, outlining declining revenues which have only suffered because his Government has stunted economic growth through its austerity agenda.

“Just two days ago, the Premier promised a ‘conversation with Queenslanders’ about this new tax, but it is clear that the time for talking has finished before it even started.”

Mr Pitt said Queenslanders can’t trust this Premier to keep his word that the revenue from his big new tax would be spent solely on flood projects.

“Campbell Newman has broken one promise after another ever since he was elected.

“He’s sold assets without a mandate, he’s already sacked 14,000 workers with more on the chopping block, and now he’s getting ready to punish Queenslanders with a big new tax that he’s previously ruled out.

“Queenslanders put their trust in Campbell Newman, but he’s cut too hard, too fast, and broken too many promises.”