ABS jobs data released today revealed that there’s been 24,700 full time jobs lost in Queensland since the LNP came to power, Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

“Campbell Newman promised to have Queensland on track to a 4% jobless rate over six years which means he needs to be creating about 200 new jobs a day.

“The latest figures show that under Campbell Newman and Treasurer Tim Nicholls and their Costello Audit blueprint, Queenslanders are losing jobs and giving up looking for more work.

“They have so far sacked 14,000 workers, and their Costello-inspired austerity cuts have stifled economic growth to the point where the private sector simply isn’t hiring.

“In fact, economic growth was running at 4% under the former Government. Independent forecasts by analysts such as Deloitte Access Economics show that growth has almost halved.

“The Premier now has his eyes on making another 66,000 jobs disappear over the next five years, and we can expect more vicious budget cuts next month.

“Having 66,000 jobs evaporate over the next five years is like rendering the entire population of Gladstone jobless.

“The LNP’s plan of selling off assets, slashing services and sacking workers is only going to make this Campbell Newman-inspired economic slump even worse.”

Mr Pitt said the unemployment rate is now 5.6% seasonally adjusted, but it would be far worse if the state’s participation rate had stayed the same as it did under the previous government (March 2012 – 67%. April 2013 – 65.8%).

“The official figures show that more and more Queenslanders are giving up looking for work, because of the lack of opportunity under this LNP Government.

“Queensland needs a positive agenda to instil confidence in the community and drive jobs growth. Under Labor, jobs will always be our top priority.

”I am confident that economic growth and jobs growth will return, but only once major resources projects initiated by Labor come on stream.

“My view was independently reinforced by the Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook report released last month that pointed to major gas projects initiated by the former government as a source of future revenue and growth,” he said.