Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Queenslanders should prepare themselves for another broken promise from Campbell Newman with another 66,000 jobs potentially disappearing over the next five years.

“The Premier has a history of referring to workforce changes as natural attrition, before then embarking on a series of mass sackings,” Mr Pitt said.

“Just days before the 2012 election Campbell Newman said about 10,000 people retired each year from the government workforce which presented an opportunity to employ more frontline workers.

“But despite that and his promise no government worker should fear an LNP Government, he ended up cutting 14,000 jobs.

“So it is right to ask: How many frontline workers will see their jobs disappear in the June 4 State Budget?”

“If the Premier’s plan is to manage the workforce via natural attrition, he should be upfront with Queenslanders as to how many of those 66,000 jobs the Treasurer has identified will disappear forever.

“He has had numerous opportunities to give an answer but continues to dodge the question.

“Will it be 30,000 positions? 40,000? How many of those workers will be on the frontline, creating a reduction in services across the state?”

The Shadow Treasurer said the Premier’s response to questions yesterday about further job cuts showed that he was out of touch with Queensland workers.

“Calling questions about the job security of Queenslanders a ‘moot point’ is a slap in the face to the workers he’s already sacked and the workers he has in his sights.”

Mr Pitt said the Premier had no credibility when it came to jobs growth in Queensland.

“This Premier promised that unemployment would come down to 4%. When they came into office, unemployment was at 5.5%, and now it’s climbed to 5.9% — back up to GFC levels.

“His austerity measures and job cuts have smothered the economy, with economic growth almost halving since they took office.

“Queensland is suffering through an economic slump of Campbell Newman’s making.

“Queensland workers shouldn’t pay the price for Campbell Newman’s ongoing budget mismanagement.”