Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the LNP has again failed to honour its commitment to reduce the cost of living for Queenslanders, with water prices set to increase on 1 July.

“The revelations that Queensland households will pay on average $49 extra per year for bulk water charges is another in a line of broken promises from Campbell Newman and Mark McArdle,” Mr Pitt said.

“Campbell Newman went to the last election saying he’d reduce the cost of living for Queenslanders.

“But it seems that every week, the LNP is sticking its hand it Queenslanders’ pockets for more and more of their hard-earned money.

“When the LNP finds it can’t deliver on its promises, it falls back on its tired routine of playing the blame game. But they can’t have it both ways.

“They attack the former government when it suits them, but then admit the infrastructure Labor put in place saved taps in the state’s capital and the south-east from running dry when the Mount Crosby treatment plant was offline earlier this year.

“At the election the LNP promised all Queensland households ongoing savings of $80 a year on their water bills.

“Once in government that promise was restricted to residents in South East Queensland only. Then it became a one-off rebate instead of a yearly ongoing saving.

“Now water bills are going up again when the LNP said they would go down, just as electricity prices are going up by 21%.

“The Minister has already had to shelve the LNP’s poorly thought out pre-election promise to extend the bulk water price path to 40 years because it would have only increased Queensland’s debt.

“It’s just another broken promise in an increasingly long list from this double-crossing Premier.”

Mr Pitt said the LNP had already stifled economic growth in Queensland and overseen a half a percentage point jump in unemployment.

“The Campbell Newman-induced economic slump in Queensland won’t be fixed by the LNP increasing taxes and charges on families.

“Along with a further 66,000 job cuts over the next five years, this is aiming up to be yet another horror budget for Queenslanders.”