Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Premier Campbell Newman has failed to rule out shedding a further 66,000 jobs over the next five years.

“The Premier was asked twice in Parliament to ease the fears of further job cuts, but would not rule them out despite promising no further job cuts in December,” Mr Pitt said.

“In particular he did not walk away from the Treasurer’s plans to see 66,000 jobs disappear as government workers retire and are not replaced over the next five years.

“It’s clear that Campbell Newman and the LNP have another 66,000 jobs in their sights.

“Despite getting two cracks at it in Question Time, the Premier made no effort to support Queensland workers and protect their jobs.

“There’s already been so much pain and heartache inflicted on families and communities across Queensland by this government.

“On top of the 14,000 government workers he’s already sacked, there’s now another 66,000 jobs set to evaporate.

“We’ve already seen teachers, nurses and other frontline staff punted from their jobs.

“It looks like the mass sackings we’ve already seen are just an entree to what the Premier has in store for Queenslanders in the upcoming budget.”

Mr Pitt said the LNP Government had already driven up unemployment and halted economic growth thanks to their heartless austerity measures.

“Campbell Newman has singlehandedly pulled the handbrake on the economy and destroyed jobs growth,” he said.

“He simply doesn’t get it. It doesn’t matter how many assets he sells off, the deeper he cuts and the more families he throws onto the scrapheap, the worse off the Queensland economy will be.”