Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says plans by the LNP to privatise basic community services will put the Premier’s promise of a 4% Queensland jobless rate further out of reach.

“Today’s ABS unemployment figures for February show a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 5.8% for Queensland, up from 5.5% in January,” Mr Pitt said.

“The figures show 3,900 jobs were lost between January and February. Since March 2012 about 8,700 people have joined the jobless queue across Queensland

“This shows the LNP is going backwards on its job-creation promise. After almost 12 months in office the Premier and his government are responsible for these outcomes.

“At the last election the Premier promised to create enough new jobs in Queensland so that our statewide jobless rate would be 4% in six years’ time.

“That promise means the Newman Government must deliver new jobs at the rate of 420,000 over six years, or close to 200 new jobs every day.

“But so far all the LNP government has done is to sack 14,000 of its own workers and cut frontline services which cause ripple effects in local communities that lead to more job losses.

“The LNP’s secret Costello Audit report outlines plans for more job losses through the sale, privatisation, or outsourcing of government assets and services.

“The priority for private service providers will be to make a profit and the easiest way for them to do that is to cut their wages bill by cutting jobs and reducing service standards.

“That is the Costello economic blueprint being embraced by the Newman Government and that is why we need to see the secret audit report for ourselves.

“We have already seen the LNP reveal its plans to Americanise the state’s currently free hospital system by handing over services in hospitals built by Labor to private operators.

“The Premier and Treasurer need to say how many jobs will go if the 155 secret recommendations of the LNP’s Costello Audit report are implemented.

“What is obvious is that the Newman Government has no plans to create jobs, it has so far done all it can to take jobs off Queenslanders.

“The Premier and Treasurer need to explain how they plan to keep their promise to keep on track for a 4% jobless rate,

“In almost 12 months we have seen no major government capital works to stimulate job growth, especially in regional Queensland.

“So far all we have seen is a plan to build a $653 million A-grade Executive Building for the Premier and his Ministers in the Brisbane CBD,” he said.