Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says today is the day the Premier can and should answer questions about the LNP’s Costello Audit report.

“On Tuesday last week the Premier promised he would read the full final report of the LNP’s Costello Audit within five days,” Mr Pitt said.

“It’s Sunday, so time is up for the Premier. He should now be able to answer basic questions about the contents of the full report.

“If he and Treasurer Tim Nicholls want to maintain their arrogant approach of hiding the report by delaying its public release, then it is only fair the Premier answer questions about it in the meantime.”

Mr Pitt said at the bare minimum the Premier should today be able to say:

  • What is being recommended for sale?
  • What is being recommended for privatisation?
  • What is being recommended for outsourcing?
  • What services will be hit?
  • How many jobs will disappear with the disposal of assets or services?

“These are simple questions Queenslanders would expect the Premier to answer,” he said.

“If he can’t or won’t answer them today, then the Premier should immediately release the full and final report of the LNP’s Costello Audit report so Queenslanders can see it for themselves.

“We are still waiting for the release of the second secret report by Mr Costello presented to the government in November 2012 — about four months ago.

“That second hidden should also be released as soon as possible,” Mr Pitt said.