Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Premier is again raising the hopes of Queenslanders with his cost-of-living promises.

“His latest effort is to guarantee Queenslanders will not be hit by double-digit power price rises without explaining how,” Mr Pitt said.

“His new benchmark promise means he is committing to more than halving the average 21 per cent rise recommended by the QCA.

“Double digits start at 10 so if the Premier is now saying all households will face rises of less than that, it’s still a hefty increase after promising ongoing savings.

“That is now his benchmark and his guarantee so he needs to fully explain how he will do that, at what cost, and how that will effect the budget position.

“By finding money for subsidies after sacking 14,000 workers supposedly because of the budget position, he truly shows there is no strategy and he’s making it up as he goes along.

“He must provide details immediately on how it is to be achieved or stop offering false hope to Queensland families who are already hurting thanks to decisions by the Newman Government.”

Mr Pitt said the Premier’s comments smacked of desperation to fix a political hole he now finds himself in, and they do nothing to explain how he plans to turn possible jumps in power bills of up to $500 a year announced last week into the ongoing saving of $120 a year he promised for all Queensland households at the election.

“Nobody likes the price rises recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority but that is no excuse for making promises that are ill-considered and may only disappoint people,” he said.

“The whole issue shows how badly the LNP misled voters at the last election when they guaranteed they could lower the cost of living.”