Shadow Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Curtis Pitt says the cutting of 30 jobs on Palm Island by the Newman Government is a disgrace which will have a huge impact on the local community.

Mr Pitt said the announcement that 30 jobs would go on Palm Island came just two days after Premier Campbell Newman promised no more public sector cuts.

“On Tuesday the Premier said ‘absolutely’ no more cuts to the public sector, yet today we see 30 jobs and $500,000 in grant money being cut from Palm Island by the LNP Government,” Mr Pitt said.

“The Premier has proved once again his word cannot be trusted and how risky it will be to vote LNP again.

“He promised before the election that public servants had nothing to fear from his Government, 14,000 sacked government workers would now beg to differ,” he said.

Mr Pitt said with the cuts on Palm Island the Newman Government was once again targeting the most vulnerable in our community.

“With unemployment levels already high on Palm Island and employment prospects limited, the slashing of any jobs on the island will have a disproportionate effect on the local community,” he said.

“For 30 people on Palm Island to find out they have lost their jobs just before Christmas is the cruellest blow by this callous LNP Government.

“It has been chaos in the public sector since the Newman Government came to office and no-one is clear if these are new cuts or part of the 14,000 axed government jobs which devastated Queensland families this year.”