Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says Treasurer Tim Nicholls needs to say today how he plans to generate almost 450,000 new jobs to meet the LNP’s promise to deliver a 4% jobless target over six years.
“The Treasurer will address the Queensland Media Club at lunchtime today (Friday 9 November) on his first State Budget which is an ideal chance to explain how he plans to take unemployment in our state down from 6.2% in October to reach his 4% target.” Mr Pitt said.
“Before the election the Premier claimed he needed to generate 420,000 new jobs over six years to reach the 4% target — and that was when our jobless rate was 5.5%.
“In the meantime ABS figures show his government has lost 26,600 jobs since the election mainly through its mass sackings and a slash-and-burn State Budget that alone cut 14,000 jobs as well as cutting funds to community organisations which in turn have shed staff.
“In other words, instead of creating jobs and lowering unemployment the Newman Government is pushing up our jobless figures.
“It is going backwards instead of working towards its 4% target, so we need to know how Mr Nicholls plans to make up the slack and start generating almost 450,000 new jobs.”
Mr Pitt said ABS statistics released yesterday showed the LNP’s first State Budget caused a spike in job losses of 21,500 jobs in September with a further 1,400 jobs lost in October.
“Queensland’s jobless rate for October of 6.2% is still around the levels it was in the middle of the global financial crisis with 152,000 people out of work.”