Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Newman Government has failed to make a significant dent in the state’s jobless rate that is still hovering at levels not seen since the global financial crisis.
“The latest ABS statistics show Queensland’s jobless figures took a king-hit from the LNP’s first State Budget with 21,500 jobs lost across the state in September and further 1,400 lost in October,” Mr Pitt said.
“Since the Newman Government assumed office 26,600 jobs have been lost across our state and there are now 152,000 people out of work.”
Mr Pitt said the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October was 6.2% compared with 6.3% in September.
“The Premier has committed his government to achieve a 4% jobless rate in the next four years but he and the Treasurer are yet to explain how that will be achieved.
“The fact remains our state’s unemployment rate has only gone up since the LNP was elected in March.
“That’s hardly surprising when we have a state government that has focussed entirely on mass sackings, savage cuts to frontline services, and funding cuts for community organisations.
“That slash-and-burn approach does nothing to instil confidence in local and regional economies.
“The government itself has cut 14,000 jobs and does not seem to care about the job cuts foisted on the community sector and the private sector by its savage funding cuts,” Mr Pitt said.