Cairns MP Gavin King is an MP in hiding after failing to stand up for the region, standing by while his government slashes services and claiming the former government’s initiatives as his own.

Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said Mr King needed to explain to far north Queenslanders why he had remained silent as thousands of jobs and frontline services went – but was happy to re-announce initiatives already funded by the former Labor Government.

Mr Pitt said while the Member for Cairns this week re-announced Labor’s $2 million upgrade for the Cairns Jockey Club, he had also remained silent on deep divisions between Queensland LNP members and their federal counterparts over the planned Bruce Highway upgrade.

“While Mr King is running around cutting ribbons where he finds it convenient, he is finding it just as convenient to ignore what is happening in his own party over the Bruce upgrade,” Mr Pitt said.

“Just today Warren Entsch has trashed his own party’s plan for the long-needed upgrade, saying it would be justifiably condemned.

“So, where does Mr King stand on this? “Does he have a view – does he agree with Canberra?

“Cairns residents need to question his commitment – or lack of commitment.

“This is an MP who has allowed critical upgrades in the city to be slashed.

“This is an MP who has hidden away and remained silent while thousands of public sector workers are sacked and while critical frontline services are slashed.

“This is a representative who has failed to go into bat for dollars for the Bruce Highway.

“This is an MP who is not only fundamentally ineffective, he has failed to perform at the most basic level.”