The Newman Government’s half-hearted plan to upgrade the Bruce Highway has today been exposed for the sham it is, with its own Federal counterparts saying its efforts should be “justifiably condemned”.
Shadow Minister for Main Roads and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt said the Federal LNP Leichhardt Member Warren Entsch had written to his federal colleagues, describing Campbell Newman’s Bruce Highway Action Plan report as a “bull**** motherhood statement”.
“That exposes as the truth what we have been saying all along – that this LNP Government has no real intention of putting money on the table and no real intention of getting work underway on this much needed upgrade,” Mr Pitt said.
“This Premier commissioned this report from this Bruce Highway Crisis Management Group – which included Mr Entsch – as part of his election commitment to get to work on the Bruce over the next decade.
“Now that commitment is in tatters.
“And there’s a very simple reason for that. His federal colleagues have seen through the report which goes nowhere to addressing the needs of Cairns and the Far North.
“This is a paper-thin report which was designed to lobby Canberra for funds.
“It fails miserably.”
Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne said according to reports today, Mr Entsch said he could see no value in the report and his involvement at the invitation of the Newman Government was “window dressing … and a complete waste of time”.
“Mr Entsch is right that the report will be – in his words – soundly and justifiably condemned,” Mr Byrne said.
“The Premier and this LNP Government need to get serious about funding works immediately.
“The Premier and his government need to stop playing with people’s lives and stop playing politics on this critical upgrade and get on with the job.”