The desperate LNP Government has attempted to distance itself from 14,000 devastating public sector sackings by offensively comparing their jobs purge to voluntary redundancies.

Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the shocking move by the LNP Health Minister was an insult to those public servants he had helped sack earlier this week who – unlike those offered redundancies under the former Labor Government – had been stripped of not only their jobs, but their dignity.

Mr Pitt said it was another desperate attempt to throw a smoke screen around not only job cuts but a backbench rebellion on rural fire job cuts, ripping pyjamas away from the sick and Clive Palmer’s attack on the Premier.

“The truth of the matter is that the Labor Government asked a pool of non-frontline workers if they would like to be considered for redundancy under our government’s measured Voluntary Separation Program,” Mr Pitt said.

“The key words here are “asked”, “considered” and “measured”.

“Unlike this cruel LNP Government which ambushed and sacked 14,000 people by email or telephone call, we went to our public sector workers and informed them voluntary separation was available if they wanted to be considered.

“We asked the pool of non-frontline workers, if they would like to be considered as part of the 3,500 VSP program.

“We did not ask teachers or doctors or nurses or police officers or anyone else on the frontline.

“These offers were made only to workers whose separation from the public sector would not impact on services.

“Ultimately up to 9,000 workers indicated they would like to receive an offer and 3,500 workers were given a package.”

Mr Pitt 40,000 public servants were identified as non-front line but at no stage had these jobs been under threat.

He said it was subsequently announced in the Mid Year Review that a further 1,500 offers would be available, taking the total of voluntary separations to 5,000.

“All of this is on the public record – no-one was sacked.

“People were asked – you cannot make an offer if you do not ask.

“To say that our government set out to sack 41,000 people is desperate, ill-informed and is yet another testament to this government’s twisted logic.”