Shadow Treasurer, Curtis Pitt, says unemployment has risen under the Newman Government to levels not seen since the height of the global financial crisis.

“It is hard to tell what impact the Premier’s mass sackings and repeated statements about Queensland being ‘bankrupt’, like Spain, or on a ‘high dive into the abyss’ may have had on our jobless rate,” Mr Pitt said.

“But Queensland is the only state whose leader has launched a program of mass sackings and savage cuts to frontline services.

“Queensland is also the only state whose leader constantly talks down its economy which logically feeds into consumer and business confidence.

“Regardless, the ABS figures show our jobless rate is heading in the wrong direction under Mr Newman and the LNP.

“In Queensland under the LNP both the trend and seasonally adjusted unemployment rates rose between July and August.

“The trend figure rose to 5.8% from 5.7% in July and the seasonally adjusted figure rose to 5.9% from 5.8%.

“These rates are hovering near the 6% rate Queensland recorded at the height of the GFC.

“Premier Newman set his government a target of 4% unemployment. But he is taking our jobless rate in the wrong direction,” Mr Pitt said.