Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt, says the Opposition will watch carefully the government’s implementation of its ‘boot camp’ trial.

“At this stage we certainly do not have sufficient details to take a view one way or the other on the LNP government’s ‘boot camp’ plans,” Mr Pitt said.

“As the two-year trial period progresses we will be especially interested in whether the outcomes which the government has promised are actually achieved.

“I will be very keen to see what plans the LNP has put in place for youths exiting the program.

“The Newman Government has already slashed worthwhile employment and support schemes such as those operating under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.

“The SWQ programs were one concrete way young people could receive training or other support leading to a job, and encouraging and equipping people to take up employment is one definite way to address offending behaviour.”

Mr Pitt said the Opposition held a preference for youth justice conference as an early intervention tool and an alternative to punishing young offenders in court.

“From what we can see at this stage, many aspects of that early intervention approach have been incorporated into the LNP’s proposal which has been previously been presented by the LNP as a ‘tough’ alternative,” he said.

“Some of the same agencies involved in existing diversion programs may also be involved in the ‘boot camp’ program.

“The ‘boot camp’ concept, while superficially attractive, is yet to prove itself in Queensland which is why we will be looking for measurable outcomes from the trial,” Mr Pitt said.