Queenslanders prepared to pay a fee can have a briefing with the architect of the LNP’s budget audit while the government continues to refuse to open the books to the State Opposition.

Shadow Treasurer and Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt, says the “independence” of the LNP’s audit into the state’s finances has again been called into question by audit chair Peter Costello himself.

“What Mr Costello is doing is touring the state on a pay-for-access roadshow, charging Queenslanders $45 each for the privilege while at the same time he refuses to brief Opposition MPs,” Mr Pitt said.

“When the audit was handed down, we rejected the offer of a briefing by Treasurer Tim Nicholls on its findings and were refused a meeting with Mr Costello.

“Now on radio today, the Premier – when pushed on the issue – says we can have a meeting with Mr Costello any time we wish.

“Why has he had this change of heart and, more to the point, when did he have this change of heart?

“This Premier has a well-worn history of making policy on the run and shooting from the hip so is this another example of that?

“Either way, although the sudden change of heart by the Premier is questionable, I’m looking forward to following that commitment up with his office.”

Mr Pitt said Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk had written to the audit commission itself seeking a briefing directly by the three commissioners.

“That request was rejected and that shattered any notion that the Costello audit is independent.

“As an active Liberal Party operative, Mr Costello’s position as head of the audit has always compromised and tainted its workings and its findings.

“I would like to know if the other two commissioners share Mr Costello’s and Mr Nicholls’s view that an independent commission should not brief the democratically elected Opposition.”