Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says it has been revealed there is a $160 million black hole in the LNP government’s pledge to save Queenslanders on their electricity bills.

Mr Pitt says the LNP promised all Queenslanders they would save $120 a year on their electricity bills by freezing Tariff 11.

“The Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle budgeted $60 million a year for this pledge, however, now it has been revealed it will cost $220 million a year,” Mr Pitt said.

“It is now clear the LNP’s so-called cost of living bill will cost Queenslanders dearly.

“Minister McArdle has been left in the dark on electricity prices with a $160 million bill for the people of Queensland.

“It was revealed yesterday (Wednesday 11 July) through questioning by the Opposition at a Parliamentary Committee that there are more than 1.8 million Queensland customers using Tariff 11.

“The simple maths is 1.8 million by $120 ends up with a cost of $220 million, not $60 million,” he said.

Mr Pitt says it is clear the LNP government will either break their “cost of living” election commitment or have to fill this $160 million black hole.

“Minister McArdle needs to outline today how the LNP government will pay for this $220 million pledge,” Mr Pitt said.

“Like the other $5.7 billion black hole in savings the LNP wrongly claimed to have found before the election to fund its promises, will this $160 million black hole also be paid for by sacking more government workers?

“We all know the LNP campaigned hard on cost of living measures – but it’s hard to pay the bills if you don’t have a job.”

Release from Minister McArdle which identifies $60 million allocation:

The Government set aside $60 million to subsidise electricity providers in order to freeze Tariff 11 prices and improve the cost of living,” Mr McArdle said.