Opposition Main Roads Spokesperson Curtis Pitt said the LNP Government needs to say how many jobs will go in Cairns as part of the Newman Government’s changes to state-owned RoadTek.

“LNP MPs need to say how many of RoadTek’s 2,500 staff and contractors across the state will be cut from the Manunda Work Centre as part of the latest Newman Government jobs purge,” Mr Pitt said.

“Ripping jobs out of RoadTek Work Centres will mean fewer road workers out on local roads and highways completing vital regional road projects and upgrades.

“It will also mean fewer people and their families living and working in regional communities where they buy locally and support other local services and jobs.

“They are also involved in local community groups and activities and send their children to local schools.

“The last thing we need is for regional road works to grind to a halt because of the Newman Government’s latest slash and burn campaign.”

Mr Pitt said the Newman Government would no doubt point to the interim Costello Audit Report, being handed down tomorrow, as an excuse to cut these regional jobs and services from RoadTek.

“The Costello Audit, like those undertaken in the past by newly elected conservative governments interstate and at the Federal level, will have a list of predictable recommendations,” he said.

“It will blame the Labor Party for everything under the sun, it will recommend the winding down of a range of government programs and services, and give the go-ahead for the Newman Government to sack more of its own workers.

“The LNP Government must stand up for local workers and roads and guarantee the Cairns region RoadTek positions.”