Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Newman Government must guarantee jobs and service levels to consumers are not affected by the merger of power bodies Ergon and Energex.
Mr Pitt said jobs and service levels were under threat from the government’s review of government-owned electricity entities and the audit headed by former Liberal federal treasurer Peter Costello.
“The government needs to guarantee jobs and services to regional communities if a merger of Ergon and Energex is recommended by either review,” he said.
“In particular if the government proceeds with the merger of Ergon and Energex it must guarantee the jobs and ongoing operations at Ergon’s major service centre in Cairns.
“Just about every newly elected conservative government in Australia in the past two decades has established an audit, similar to the Costello audit which has resulted in job cuts, mergers of government bodies and cuts to services.
“In addition the power industry review panel has been established with their outcomes skewed towards merging Ergon and Energex.
“That’s why I want a guarantee that jobs and service delivery in Cairns must not be compromised through any merger.
“I call on the Government to guarantee that service levels at Cairns service centre will not be reduced and jobs will not be axed,” he said.