The Newman Government have clearly broken an election commitment to the people of Cairns by
shutting down an operating theatre at Cairns Base Hospital.

Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said the people of Cairns should be concerned this essential frontline
service performing more than 1000 elective surgeries a year is being axed.

“The closing of this theatre and axing of 10 hospital staff will result in the remaining frontline staff at
Cairns Base Hospital being spread very thin,” Mr Pitt said.

“The shutting down of this theatre and axing of these jobs directly contradicts the Premier’s claims that
frontline service jobs are safe.

“It’s hard to describe the work of staff at the Cairns Base Hospital as anything but ‘frontline’.

“In addition, in the last sitting of State Parliament the Premier and his Ministers were not able to define
‘frontline’ or say how many jobs would go across the government.

“The job cuts also directly contradict the Premier’s written promise before the election of “no forced
redundancies” for government workers.

“Mr Newman has been in office for just two months and he has already created fear and uncertainty
among his own employees about their jobs.

“Mr Newman talks a lot about the cost of living. But it is hard to make ends meet when you haven’t got
a job,” he said.