Campbell Newman’s boast that Ashgrove voters will benefit if he’s elected Premier is a taste of the neglect Far North Queenslanders will experience under any LNP government, Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said.

Mr Pitt said Campbell Newman’s comments on Australia Day are further proof that the LNP leader is only interested in South East Queensland.

“Campbell Newman’s bias towards South East Queensland is well-known and his latest comments confirm that regions like Far North Queensland come a distant second,” Mr Pitt said

“Mr Newman let the cat out of the bag with his Australia Day boast that Ashgrove voters will benefit if he becomes Premier.*

“His cynical comments confirm what we already know – that Campbell Newman is pork-barrelling in SEQ to pursue his own personal ambition at the expense of Far North Queenslanders.”

Mr Pitt said Campbell Newman and the LNP have a long track record of neglecting the Far North.

“The Liberal National Party have long ignored Far North Queensland’s most pressing needs – whether it’s the Howard Government’s decade-long neglect of the Bruce Highway or recycled announcements around infrastructure, health, or jobs,” Mr Pitt said.

“His so-called infrastructure plan – the one he pinched from the South East Council of Mayors – commits huge resources to South East Queensland, while promising next to nothing for the Far North.

“His ‘Crisis Action Plan’ for the Bruce Highway – the one he says he’ll put together six months after the election – means he has no plan at all about improving our most important road.

Mr Pitt said Campbell Newman is about slogans and gimmicks and is always light on detail.

“As always, the Liberal National Party can come up with a list of problems, but they never have any solutions,” Mr Pitt said.

“From today, Campbell Newman has 57 days to come clean about how he will pay for the more than $5 billion in campaign promises he’s racked up.

“Anna Bligh and Labor have big ideas for the future of Far North Queensland but Campbell Newman is just in it for himself.”

*The Courier-Mail, p5, Friday 27 January