Campbell Newman’s bias towards South East Queensland (SEQ) has been exposed again, Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said today.

“His so-called infrastructure plan for Queensland released today has largely been plagiarised from the South East Queensland Council of Mayors,” Mr Pitt said.

One of the top policy commitments is to “embrace a cooperative and mutually respectful close working relationship with the SEQ Council of Mayors and the Brisbane City Council to maximise the delivery of infrastructure projects ” (page 7 of the document).

“It’s obvious his focus and what matters to him is SEQ and forget the regions.

“The only costed part of this ‘plan’ is about $21.6 billion in projects for SEQ – and that’s all the work of the Council of Mayors.

“His policy also talks about maximising private investment in infrastructure – for that read toll roads.

“The only public private partnership he delivered as Brisbane Mayor is a toll road that’s now gone broke.

“His Bruce Highway solution – a plan to have a plan – has already been pilloried and it prompted one major newspaper to label the LNP the ‘Let’s Do Nothing Party’.

Instead of committing dollars for the Far North, Campbell Newman’s infrastructure plan has committed, among other things, money for:

·       Swimming pools in Brisbane

·       Renovations for the Brisbane City Council Hall

·       Upgrades for Brisbane City Council roads that he failed to upgrade when he was Mayor

·       Bikeways on the Gold Coast

“Campbell Newman only cares about SEQ and today’s document confirms it,” Mr Pitt said.