Premier Anna Bligh has tonight urged all residents of the area between Innisfail and Mackay to make immediate preparations as Tropical Cyclone Yasi continues its path toward the Queensland coast.

Ms Bligh said the extremely serious weather event now looked likely to cross the coast overnight on Wednesday and all residents should now be taking precautions, including stocking up on essential items.

“Latest advice from the Bureau of Meteorology is that this cyclone will be accompanied by significant flood in low lying areas from storm surge,” Ms Bligh said.

“Those residents in low lying and waterfront areas in the Innisfail to Mackay region should be making arrangements to relocate on Tuesday.

“Advice from the Weather Bureau is that coastal areas in Yasi’s path will begin to experience wind gusts beyond 100km an hour early on Wednesday.

“So I implore all of those people who feel they may be facing a dangerous situation to leave their homes in plenty of time and relocate to friends and family.

“If you have family or friends on higher ground, go to them.

“I understand leaving your home will cause anxiety but I would rather people were inconvenienced for a couple of days than place themselves in dangerous situations.

“If you want further information about whether your house is in a storm surge area, check the maps on the website of your local council or contact the council.

“Our government and our State Disaster Management Group is in close and constant contact with those councils in the areas that may be affected and your council is ready and able to provide up to date information.

“I urge all residents of these coastal communities to treat this cyclone as extremely serious – we are facing a difficult time and I want everyone to remain as safe as possible.”

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