[singlepic id=279 w=320 h=240 float=left]Protection is the name of the game and Get Out There! is the website that can provide school leavers and young people with advice on how to avoid being taken for an expensive ride.

And while young people appear to be leading the way in becoming savvy consumers, Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt wants to ensure scammers come off second best when they ply their deceitful trade.

Mr Pitt said awareness was the key and the Get out there! website had already proved to be a success averaging more than 2,000 people hits each week.

“Every year Australian’s are losing millions of dollars to scammers so it’s important to know how to protect yourself,” Mr Pitt said.

“The marketplace offers so many wonderful opportunities and it’s no longer just bricks and mortar shops—the internet has opened up a whole new consumer experience.

“With so much out there it’s vital you understand your rights and obligations to avoid being stung.”

“A 2007 Australian Bureau of Statistics report found that in the 12 month period leading up to the survey around 5.8 million people had been exposed to scams.

“It is frightening to know that such a large number of consumers have had exposure to scams, particularly when so many of the scams can lead to credit card or identity fraud”.

Mr Pitt encouraged young people to access the consumer protection information available on the Get Out There! website.

”Get Out There! offers some great tips on how to stay safe online by avoiding scammers,” Mr Pitt said.

“Get Out There! is also a great resource if you’re considering signing up to a mobile phone plan, starting university or seeking a job, as well as pointers on how to negotiate Schoolies celebrations.

“The website can be an invaluable tool for school-leavers and young people as they are presented with endless purchasing opportunities and who accordingly have to make a range of important financial decisions”.

“The site offers helpful tips for negotiating common problems young people face when making their way in the world. Whether it’s signing up for a credit card, renting a unit or buying a car, no one wants to be taken for an expensive ride.

“A key feature is the interactive budget planner, which enables users to manage their money and track how they use it.

“Other government agencies have also contributed to the site, so it includes practical information for school leavers on finding accommodation, moving out of home, staying healthy, enrolling to vote, discrimination and harassment, study options and getting a job.”

For more information visit www.getoutthere.qld.gov.au

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