[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 float=left]Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt has his construction white card and steel-capped boots ready as he prepares to work as a builders’ labourer under the ‘Walk a Day in My Shoes’ program tomorrow.

Mr Pitt will spend the day with Max Bryant Constructions on site at public housing units underway at Stokes Street, Edmonton. On site, Mr Pitt will be paired with 55 year old ‘Snags’ who’ll take him through general labouring duties like loading materials, cleaning – possibly even some plastering.

However Mr Pitt said while the media would be welcome to talk to other people, he’d be busy working.

“I’ve heard from a few people that they think this is a publicity stunt and nothing more. Well, I’m asking the media not to come seeking an interview,” Mr Pitt said.

“This is an opportunity for me to better understand the workplace challenges faced by construction workers here in Far North Queensland.

“I’ll be focussed on pulling my weight on the work site and listening to what my co-workers for a day have to say about the challenges they face in their working lives.

“I’m happy to embrace new ideas and no doubt plenty of ideas sent my way on the job.”

Mr Pitt said he is proud of the Government’s building program and is keen to make a physical contribution to a building project, not just the policy contribution that he has made to date.

“Keeping as many locals as possible in work is the key reason why I support the tough decisions we’ve made to continue our building program,” Mr Pitt said.

“Working on a site that involves the construction of public housing is particularly pleasing.

“The dignity of work is one of the most important things a person can have, as is the ability to put food on the table for their family.

“I make no apologies for putting the needs of working families ahead of sticking rigidly to a set of ideological views.”

Mr Pitt said that the work day is only half the story and he is interested in more than just the work placement aspect of the program.

“While it won’t be possible on this occasion, I will be doing another work placement and I hope to spend an entire day with someone and their family then,” Mr Pitt said.

Mr Pitt’s second ‘Walk a Day in My Shoes’ effort will be in the Innisfail area in a yet to be confirmed customer service role.

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