Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt today recognised long serving and outstanding local members of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service at a medal ceremony held at Cairns Fire Station.

Mr Pitt said he was delighted to meet with local firefighters to see first-hand the important work they do within Cairns and surrounding communities.

“Our firefighters deserve public recognition for their unfaltering commitment to the important role they play in our community,” Mr Pitt said.

“These awards pay tribute to these courageous individuals who have served their communities with pride and dedication over a number of years.”

“Our local fire officers continue to utilise their experience and knowledge to respond to a variety of emergencies to protect lives and property in the community.”

Mr Pitt said with Queensland entering into bushfire season, the State’s fire service stood ready to save homes and lives.

“Last year’s bushfire season was one of the most intense in Queensland’s history and thanks to the efforts of our firefighters, along with their volunteer and auxiliary counterparts, there was minimal damage to property and, importantly, no lives lost,” he said.

“A firefighter’s role is challenging, demanding physical strength as well as a sharp mind, a commitment to teamwork and an uncompromised dedication to safety.

“It’s reassuring to know we have such an excellent group of individuals just a phone call away in an emergency, and I thank them for their continued role in keeping our local community safe and secure.”

Award recipients

National Medal – recognises QFRS personnel nominated by their supervisor and approved by the Assistant Commissioner who have completed all aspects of their job diligently and ethically for a period of 15 continuous years. A clasp can be added for each additional 10 years.

  • Antony Flint – 17 years, Station Officer, Community Safety Ops, FNR
  • Steve West – 15 years, Station Officer, Community Safety Ops, FNR
  • Stephen Real – 25 years, Inspector, Community Safety Ops, FNR (1st clasp)

Diligent and Ethical Service Medal – recognises QFRS members who have distinguished themselves over a prolonged period of time, through commitment to ethical standards, diligence and integrity. Recipients are eligible after 10 years service, with an additional clasp presented for each additional year from then on.

  • Ivor Anderson – 27 years, Auxiliary Firefighter, Atherton Station
  • ­Wayne Exton – 22 years, Auxiliary Firefighter, retired
  • ­Brian Walters – 25 years, Auxiliary Firefighter, Malanda Station
  • ­Jeffrey Titlow – 20 years, Auxiliary Firefighter, Yungaburra Station
  • ­Lyn Webb – 20 years, Manager Fire Communications, FNR
  • ­Nick Young – 20 years, Station Officer, Cairns Fire Station

Diligent and Ethical Service Medal and Three Clasps – Recipients with 30 years or more continuous service meeting the above criteria:

  • ­Bert Dwyer – 40 years, Auxiliary Firefighter, retired

QRS Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Fire Management)

  • ­Greg Strettles, Cairns Station, Station Officer

QFRS Diploma of Fire and Rescue Operations

  • ­Nathan Sandford, Firefighter, Innisfail Station

Presentation of Assistant Commissioner Certificate of Commendation

  • ­Patrick Scanlan, Station Officer, Cairns Station

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