Long-term patients at Babinda Hospital have received a donation of six new flat-screen televisions, courtesy of the local community, the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation and the Reef Hotel Casino Trust.

Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said the FNQ Hospital Foundation had been approached by the Babinda Friends of the Foundation for help in funding the purchase of the televisions.

“An application was made for a community grant from the Reef Hotel Casino Trust which was successful,” Mr Pitt said.

“Thanks to the Trust’s grant of $11,124, they were able to buy and install the six televisions at Babinda for the use of patients.”

Babinda Hospital has 22 beds and many long-term aged care patients.

Babinda Hospital Acting Director of Nursing Julie Minogue said the donation means all the long-term residents now have access to individual televisions in their rooms.

“We can’t thank the FNQ Hospital Foundation, Babinda Friends of the Foundation and the Reef Hotel Casino Trust enough for their efforts,” Ms Minogue said.

Ms Minogue said Babinda Hospital had also received a donation of a $5,000 steam cleaner from the Babinda Meals on Wheels.

“It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that steam cleans floors, walls, and furniture, reducing chemical use by cleaning with high temperatures to disinfect surfaces,” she said.

“Babinda Meals on Wheels has Babinda Hospital prepare the meals that are delivered by the volunteer organisation to the community recipients, and this was their way of saying thank you.’’

Ms Minogue said Babinda Hospital had always received tremendous support from the community and the donations of televisions and the steam cleaner were an example of that strong community spirit.

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