[singlepic id=161 w=320 h=240 float=left]Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt will ‘job shadow’ Bentley Park College Principal Darryl Exelby on Monday (24 May) to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the great things happening at the school.

“I’ve been to Bentley Park College on many occasions but the visits have been too brief,” Mr Pitt said.

“Being Principal for a Day will be a great opportunity to gain an insight into the daily operations of the school.

“During the day I will have the chance to interact with students, teachers and the wider school community.

“I will be starting the day with a Prep class which will be a good opportunity to talk about how important reading is to give our kids a flying start in life.

“The second period will be spent in a Laptop class with the chance to experience the latest in classroom technology.

“Period three should prove to be interesting as I have been told to bring my sports gear for an intensive gym workout with the Year 10 Rugby League class.

“Following that there will be a drum performance and the remainder of the afternoon spent in the Music room.

The Principal for a Day program is organised by the Department of Education and Training as part of State Education Week celebrations that run from 24–28 May, and community, civic and business leaders from across Queensland are getting involved.

[singlepic id=164 w=320 h=240 float=left]State Education Minister Geoff Wilson said the annual program allowed the school, its teachers and the students, their parents and carers to establish and maintain important partnerships with high-profile members of the wider community.

“It’s all about bringing a range of candidates into the school ground so children can learn a little bit, and hopefully our Principals for a Day will learn something too,” he said.

“This year’s Principals for a Day include a chemist in a bush town, a police officer, an Indigenous elder, education administrators, a suburban shopping centre manager, local MPs and the state head of an international company who is involved in the Partners in Learning joint venture between business and school students.

“It gives participants a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in running a school, including administration and interaction with students and parents.

“Principal for a Day is a fun way to demonstrate how the education system is equipping young students for the future.

“Business and community leaders walk in the shoes of a principal during a regular school day, allowing school communities to interact with important role models.

“That insight will contribute to the discussion between government and educators and the public begun in the State Government community-consultation initiative, A Flying Start for Queensland Children, which is all about the future of education in Queensland.’’

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