State Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt today announced a $3.5 million power upgrade for Edmonton.

The upgrade promises better reliability of supply during storms and cyclones while catering for future growth in the fast growing southern corridor of Cairns,” Mr Pitt said.

“The recently completed $3.5 million Ergon Energy Cyclone Area Reliability Enhancement (CARE) project out of the Edmonton zone substation involved the construction of 5.1 kilometres of high voltage underground cable and has ensured the backbone of power supply for the area is less likely to be affected by storms and other impacts.”

“The Edmonton underground cable project started in April 2009 and is part of an overall plan to deliver an underground 22,000volt supply cable through to the Meringa area.

“CARE projects are about network reinforcement and power reliability.

“This particular project has put vital high voltage supply underground into two important community facilities and has also provided for a more secure backbone supply into a number of residential subdivisions in the area.”

Bentley Park College and Piccone’s Shopping Centre have had power supply to their facilities put underground as part of the works.

“One of the primary outcomes of Ergon Energy’s CARE projects is to provide a network which is more resilient during storms and cyclones,” Mr Pitt said.

“While we can never completely ‘storm-proof’ our network, these works should improve storm resistance and make the job of restoring power supply quicker.”

Other technical enhancements as part of the project would cater for ongoing growth in demand for electricity in and around Edmonton.

“Ergon has delivered new switching and transformer equipment along the route of the new underground cable that has significantly improved capacity on other parts of the network in the area.”