Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt has called for traffic lights to be put in at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Munro Street at Babinda.

Mr Pitt said he had been contacted by many residents concerned about the safety of the intersection.

“Babinda is a busy town with a high volume of traffic needing to access the highway, including five school buses, molasses tankers and B-Doubles. The community is right to be concerned about the dangers of this intersection,” Mr Pitt said.

“There is also an aging population in Babinda with many people relying on mobility aids. Many residents are finding it difficult and challenging to cross the highway, despite the pedestrian refuge which has been installed.

“Traffic lights are also a sign of the times for many towns that are growing. For Babinda, I think that time has come.”

Babinda resident Dante Baldi said that locals have been concerned for many years at the number of accidents at the intersection, and that the town had called for lights in the past.

“I approached Bob Katter about this some time ago because it’s a national highway but he said he wouldn’t support it,” Mr Baldi said.

“The 60 km/h sign for northbound traffic should also be moved further back so traffic has time to see the sign and slow down before getting to the intersection.

Mr Pitt said he had also been contacted by the seniors group that wishes to see the bus stop for the Sun Palm service relocated back in to town.

“At present they are having to endure the long walk out of town and across the highway in conditions which include high temperatures and torrential downpours,” Mr Pitt said.

“I would suggest the ideal location would be Anzac Park which offers shelter, as well as toilet facilities.

“I have called on the Department of Transport and Main Roads to make the required changes and I look forward to their response.”