Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt today hit out at the Queensland Rugby League’s (QRL) decision to shift the Northern Pride’s second round semi-final against the Central Comets to Brisbane.

Mr Pitt said it was ridiculous that television rights dictated where the game would be played.

“The people of Cairns do not deserve this kind of treatment. The Club, the sponsors and supporters should not be denied an opportunity to see this game live because we don’t live in Brisbane,” Mr Pitt said.

“This decision lacks common sense, especially when there is another semi – Souths Logan versus Sunshine Coast – already being played in Brisbane which could be televised.

“I am right behind CEO Denis Keeffe and the Pride players. They have fought hard all season and earned the right to host this game.

“The last time I checked, the Pride play in a state wide competition called the Queensland Cup, not the Brisbane Cup.

“A Cairns game will also provide an economic boost attracting a large crowd in excess of 5,000, but as it stands two regional teams playing in Brisbane will be lucky to attract a couple of hundred, despite the talent on show.”

The QRL has demonstrated it can change the game to be telecast at a moment’s notice, which they did in Round One with the clash against Tweed.

Mr Pitt appealed to QRL General Manager Ross Livermore to reverse their decision.