Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt has raised concerns over the lack of appropriate clearance signage for traffic passing underneath Innisfail’s Centenary Bridge.

Centenary Bridge, Innisfail

Centenary Bridge, Innisfail

Mr Pitt said that the 4.7 metre clearance sign fastened to the bridge itself is of no use to drivers and he has raised this issue with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

“This is a serious safety issue as vehicles are not warned of the low clearance until they actually reach the bridge. By that stage it’s too late. We need to warn drivers in advance,” Mr Pitt said.

“There is the potential for someone to be seriously injured or worse if the bridge is struck again.

“I inspected the site with Councillors Mark Nolan and Ian Rule last week and there are obvious scrape marks underneath the bridge where it has been hit quite a few times.

“At a minimum, new signs on the bridge approaches are needed. The installation of gantries with a swinging height bar on either side of the bridge would be even better.

Mr Pitt said that apart from the obvious safety concerns, there is also the inconvenience to drivers if there was another incident like the one that occurred in August last year.

“The load limit has been reduced again on the Jubilee Bridge and it is highly likely that the bridge be closed to traffic in the future,” Mr Pitt said.

“If the Centenary Bridge needed to close for repairs again, it would mean major disruptions for residents and other users of the highway.

“Action by Main Roads on this issue now will go a long way to preventing the disruption to drivers in the event of another strike.