This year 150 runners will have chance to scramble up and down the 922 metre Walsh’s Pyramid in the 50th year of the race in August as part of Queensland’s 150th anniversary year celebrations, said Curtis Pitt, State Member for Mulgrave.

The Queensland Government granted the Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair Association $10,000 towards a 12km race up Walsh’s Pyramid at Gordonvale and a secondary 5km cross country race.

“Put two Queenslanders in a bar and it’s amazing what they’ll bet on or what they’ll do to settle differences,” Mr Pitt said.

“Legend has it that years ago two farmers settled a dispute by running up Walsh’s Pyramid.

“Or was it just that there was this mountain in their vicinity and they had to clamber up it because it’s there.

“No-one’s sure who they were or who won, and I understand organisers are working on solving this mystery.

“It tickled the typical Queensland funny bone of locals so much ultimately it was turned into an annual event around the time of Queensland’s Centenary in 1959.

“In this modern age where fitness and body building are held in such high esteem, it’s not uncommon for 100 people young and old to test how far they can push themselves up and down Walsh’s Pyramid.

“This year, I understand the bar has been raised in honour of Queensland’s 150th birthday and the race’s 50th birthday and there are still spaces available, if you’re quick.

“This is the year we get to celebrate our people, our places and our stories.

“What a great story, a great place, and great people at Gordonvale who keep the legend alive.”

The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair will be staged over 14 and 15 August. It comprises a 12km and 5km race as well as 100m Dash for Cash and criterium for juniors.

There will be food stalls, art exhibitions and demonstrations, cultural performances, entertainment, fireworks and a grand finale street parade.

Cheryl Campbell, President of the Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair Association said the Association was grateful for the Q150 funding as it would go towards a commemorative publication and the grand finale street parade.

Mrs Campbell said that Neil Labinsky was the man to beat having finished the Great Pyramid Race in record time in 2007 at 1 hour and 15 minutes and:34 seconds.

“This year we also have an entrant from Italy and another from the United Kingdom,” she said.

“It’s becoming more and more popular by endurance runners.

“We have 70 signed up so far and more runners are welcome.”

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The Queensland Government’s $4 million Q150 Community Funding program offered grants between $2000 and $10,000 to communities to help them mark Queensland’s anniversary in ways that were meaningful to them.

 There are more than 500 Q150 Community Funding activities and events around the State for Queenslanders to enjoy in 2009.

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