New tenancy laws come into effect today (1 July) that strike the right balance by protecting the rights of both tenants and property owners, Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said today.

Mr Pitt said the new laws came about after widespread consultation with stakeholders.

“While most of the Residential Tenancies Act remains the same, it’s important that people who rent understand what the changes will mean for them. It’s important for property owners too,” Mr Pitt said.

 Some of the key changes:

  • Rental properties to be advertised at a fixed price
  • Tenants on fixed term agreements can challenge terms they consider unreasonable, such as excessive rent increases
  • A minimum 6 months before rent can be increased; and
  • Extending the notice period for terminating a fixed term agreement from two weeks to two months

 “It’s important that everyone involved in Queensland’s rental market understands their rights and responsibilities under the new Act,” Mr Pitt said.

 Information, including forms and fact sheets, is available on the RTA website at