Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt, today welcomed the allocation of $200,000 in the Bligh Government’s 2009-10 State Budget towards construction of a new $1.8 million ambulance station at Gordonvale.

Mr Pitt said that since his election in March, he had been lobbying the Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services, Neil Roberts for the new station.

“This was one of my highest priorities at the last election and I am delighted at the Bligh Government’s budget commitment to provide improved emergency services for the people of Gordonvale,” Mr Pitt said.

The existing Gordonvale Ambulance Station“While the Liberal Party and the National Party continue to undermine public confidence in our emergency services, the Bligh Government is getting on with the job of ensuring Queensland’s emergency services remain well-resourced.

“The new station will be a boon for the Gordonvale community. Not only will it boost services, the construction will provide much-needed jobs that benefit the local economy.

“The $200,000 in this year’s budget allows the Queensland Ambulance Service to start design of the project. In the 2010-11 financial year, a further $1.6 million is expected to be allocated to complete construction.

“The total spend of $1.8 million is a significant investment in community safety for the Gordonvale area.”

Mr Pitt said that the existing Gordonvale Ambulance Station is over 50 years old and as the population in and around Gordonvale continues to grow, existing services will be placed under increased stress, and the complement of paramedics required to service the local population will outgrow the current facility.

“In light of population growth on the western side of the Bruce Highway, and the need to service callouts associated with motor vehicle accidents on the highway, the location of the new station must be carefully considered,” Mr Pitt said.

“Local residents can rest assured that the Cliff Trembath Memorial Training Room, which plays a valuable role within our community, will form part of any new centre.”

Mr Roberts said the new ambulance station was proof that even in tough economic times, the Bligh Government was committed to creating jobs and delivering top-class emergency services to Queenslanders.

“The $200,000 first stage allocation for the Gordonvale ambulance station is part of the $103 million included in the State Budget for new ambulance and fire facilities across the State,” he said.

“In the face of the global recession, the Bligh Government is taking the tough decisions now to ensure essential services like emergency services and frontline staff remain well-resourced.”