Funding for two new ambulance stations in the 2009-10 State Budget has been welcomed by Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser, who handed down the 2009-10 State Budget today, said the Bligh Government was focused on creating and sustaining jobs, supporting families, meeting election commitments and delivering frontline community services.

Mr Pitt said the delivery of funding for the two new ambulance stations is a significant investment in community safety for the Mulgrave region.

“The Bligh Government has committed $200,000 to commence construction of a replacement ambulance station at Gordonvale at a total cost of $1.8 million,” said Mr Pitt.

“I campaigned strongly on this issue at the last election and I am pleased with the outcome.

“A total of $765,000 has also been allocated to complete construction of a replacement ambulance station at Yarrabah at a total cost of $1.37 million.

“This investment in local infrastructure projects will also create hundreds of jobs for the Mulgrave community,” he said.

Mr Pitt said other infrastructure project receiving funding include:

  • $3.7 million for the completion of construction of a replacement 275/132kV transmission line between Innisfail and Edmonton to ensure a secure and reliable high voltage electricity supply to Far North Queensland.
  • $9.75 million to upgrade eight priority level crossings in northern Queensland between Farleigh and Garradunga.
  • $6 million this year towards construction of a new Jubilee Bridge, Innisfail.

Mr Pitt also acknowledged the significant investment in housing and community services providing vital frontline services for the people of Mulgrave.

Mr Pitt said he was aware that there are some areas across the state that have had some of their commitments or projects postponed for a period—some indefinitely—as a result of the budget bottom line.

“From my reading of the budget papers, I have not seen evidence of this in Mulgrave, and I am thankful for that,” Mr Pitt said.

“I campaigned on a number of priorities, and just because some of these have not been funded in this budget does not change my resolve to continue to present a case for them.

“I want the people of Mulgrave to rest assured that I will continue to look under every rock for possible funding sources. This is what I have been elected to do.”

Other funding for the Mulgrave electorate announced in today’s budget.

  • $4.93 million across far north Queensland for the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, including Queensland’s Green Army, to create 660 jobs for young people and those disadvantaged in the labour market.
  • $66.51 million for vocational education and training activity to underpin the social and economic development of the Far North Queensland region.
  • $168,000 to deliver training to Indigenous people in regional and remote Queensland to increase participation in employment, business and/or community development.  
Main Roads 
  • $1.35 million in state and federal funding to complete concept planning for the Bruce Highway between Ray Jones Drive and Sheehy Road, Cairns.
  • $1.64 million in federal funding to complete drainage improvements on the Bruce Highway between Innisfail and Cairns, north of Blundell Road.
  • $120,000 this year towards upgrading the Yarrabah access road.
  • $1 million to complete replacement of a floodway on the Gillies Highway, Hemming Creek, Gordonvale.
  • $400,000 this year towards replacement of a bridge on a section of Hussey Road, Edmonton.
  • $750,000 in federal funding to complete asphalt overlay on the Bruce Highway (Innisfail – Cairns) at Blundell Road, at a total cost of $750,000.
  • $30,000 this year towards footpath construction on River Avenue, Innisfail.
  • $220,000 this year in federal funding to commence surface enrichments on a section of Gordonvale – Atherton Road at Gillies Range, 15km west of Gordonvale (funded from the Australian Government’s Nation Building Program).
  • $17,500 this year towards construction of bikeways at various locations in Cairns
  • $67,500 this year towards profile correction and asphalt concrete resurfacing on a section of Grace Street, Innisfail.
  • $8.68 million for the construction of the new Yarrabah primary health care centre.
  • $164,000 for Chronic Disease Indigenous Health funding in Mulgrave to support the implementation of the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.
  • $87,666 to provide a community centre-based development and support service with a total State Government contribution of $262,999.
  • $86,803 to provide a specialist support service to families with dependent children under the age of 18 years where identified problems or needs in relation to the care of children, or where children or young person has been subject to abuse or neglect.
  • $119,393 to provide a specialist support service to families with dependent children under the age of 18 years where identified problems or needs in relation to the care of children, or where children or young person has been subject to abuse or neglect with a total State Government contribution of $358,178.
  • $120,303 to provide an early intervention and family support service with a total State Government contribution of $360,910.
  • $48,297 to provide sexual assault counselling to families referred by the Referral for Active Intervention service.
  • $37,500 towards the SIP – Security Lighting for Tom Murray Park.
  • $200,768 to provide an accommodation and support service for women and children escaping domestic and family violence.
  • $332,835 to provide counselling and support for young people at risk of homelessness.
  • $18,851 to provide support services for older people, including enhancing safety and well-being.
  • $2.34 million towards the southern wastewater treatment plant.
  • $1.66 million towards the Edmonton wastewater treatment plant.
  • $39,060 for a new waste transfer station at Yarrabah
  • $5,870 for the Yarrabah water supply line from Oombungha Creek.
  • $36,370 to close the Yarrabah landfill site
  • $580,160 towards the Yarrabah Djenghi Subdivision Stages 3-7.
  • Provision of $7.97 million in 2009-10 to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority for the day-to-day management of the Marine Park.
  • $450,000 to support the intergovernmental committees responsible for overseeing the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan. The plan’s goal is to halt and reverse the decline in water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef.
  • $709,000 to buy books for public libraries in the Cairns region.
  • $152,000 to buy books for public library in the Cassowary Coast region.
  • $888,000 for the support of Indigenous Knowledge Centres (includes electorates Barron River, Cairns, Cook and Mulgrave).
  • About $3.4 million to commence construction of 13 dwellings in the Mulgrave electorate.
  • $215,000 to Innisfail Youth and Family Care, through the Community Rent Scheme, to provide transitional accommodation (short to medium term) for low-income social housing applicants with a severe and immediate housing need.
  • $4 million to complete construction of 10 new rental units at Yarrabah
  • $7.97 million across the Far North for the upgrading and renewal of Social Rental Housing properties.
  • $60,000 to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities with increased sport and recreation opportunities.
  • $39,000 towards the construction of a second sports field at Yarrabah.
  • $65,325 towards the construction of a new amenities facility incorporating disabled toilets to replace existing facilities at Yarrabah.
  • $18,000 to deliver the Better Informed Takeaways and Eateries award scheme to encourage healthy cooking techniques, best practice food safety and hygiene standards at Innisfail.
  • $19.27 million for the Learning Community at Innisfail State High School at a total cost of $36.7 million
  • $82,451 to complete construction of a pre-prep facility at Yarrabah State School at a total cost of $1.1 million
  • $2,700 for maintenance work at Aloomba State School
  • $149,410 for maintenance work at Babinda State School
  • $26,000 for maintenance work at Bellenden Ker State School
  • $27,120 for maintenance work at Bentley Park College
  • $52,550 for maintenance work at Daradgee Environmental Education Centre
  • $20,300 for maintenance work at Flying Fish Point State School
  • $6,940 for maintenance work at Gordonvale State High School
  • $74,700 for maintenance work at Gordonvale State School
  •  $60,860 for maintenance work at Hambledon State School
  • $5,000 for maintenance work at Innisfail East State School
  • $11,090 for maintenance work at Miriwinni State School
  • $21,860 for maintenance work at White Rock State School.
  • $61,180 for maintenance work at Yarrabah State School.