Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt has asked people to be generous to Little Poss – the friend to all children with epilepsy.

The Little Poss Appeal, which runs from Monday 8 June to Saturday 14 June, is an opportunity to focus community attention on epilepsy and the programs addressing it.

“Epilepsy affects a significant proportion of our community – children in particular,” Mr Pitt said.

“As many as one to two percent of people in Queensland will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some time in their life, with peak times for diagnosis occurring in the very young and old age groups.

“Little Poss helps all of us, not just the young ones, to understand what epilepsy is, and what to do when it happens.

“Above all though, Little Poss helps to reassure children who have to deal with epilepsy.

“Anyone who wants to find out how they can help this worthy cause should call Epilepsy Queensland or have a look their website,”Mr Pitt said.

Epilepsy is a condition that occurs when there is a sudden, brief change in how the brain works. These physical changes are called epileptic seizures, during which a person’s consciousness, movement, or actions might be altered for a short time.

There are many types of seizures, commonly known as “epileptic fits”, but people with epilepsy are encouraged to be active and to live a normal life.

Little Poss has been Epilepsy Queensland’s mascot for 15 years, helping children learn about epilepsy and how to deal with seizures, medication, teasing and schoolwork.

The Little Poss Appeal is part of the current Epilepsy Awareness Campaign that runs until the end of June. Individuals, schools, workplaces and businesses get involved each year to help raise funds for epilepsy services and programs.

To find out more about how you can contribute visit