Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt said two new police recruits will hit the streets of Innisfail over the coming weeks following graduations at the state’s two police academies today.

“I am pleased the Innisfail community will soon have an additional two police keeping our local area safe,” Mr Pitt said.

“Our community will benefit from this increased police presence. More police means better services for the people of Innisfail.

“These new recruits are part of the Bligh Government’s Toward Q2 vision to create safer Queensland communities.”

Police Minister Neil Roberts welcomed 164 new police recruits at Queensland Police Service Inductions held in Oxley and Townsville last week and Oxley this week. He said that of the 60 new police that graduated from the

Townsville academy, 59 were given jobs located in regional and remote Queensland.

“These new police are proof of the Bligh Government’s efforts to ensure that Queenslanders have the highest standard of police services available to them.

“The two new police to be stationed in Innisfail form part of an election commitment to provide a minimum of 600 extra police officers to the Queensland community over the next three years. 

“In addition to increasing police numbers, the Bligh Government is funding more than $490 million over the next three years to support police to do their job.

“The funding will be used to build new police stations and refurbish facilities. New and upgraded equipment will also be provided to improve services.”

Mr Pitt thanked the Innisfail Police for their work maintaining law and order, and increasing public safety. He also wished the new recruits every success in their careers.

“I hope these two police recruits enjoy their new job serving the people of Innisfail,” he said.

The officers are in addition to the new Queensland Police Service traffic officer recently announced for Innisfail.

The extra traffic officer is part of an additional 53 traffic officers being employed statewide as part of a major road safety package.

“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that people are far less likely to drive recklessly when there is higher visibility of police on the road,” Mr Pitt said.

“I am confident that the new officers to be based in our region will make people think twice about taking risks, and will prompt a safety first approach to road travel.”