Member for Mulgrave, Mr Curtis Pitt welcomed today’s announcement of up to $7.5 million for local schools under the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution program.

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard announced the list of Queensland school to receive funding under Round 1 of ‘Primary Schools for the 21st Century’ during a visit to Brisbane today.

“Three local schools are the first in the region to receive funding under Round 1 funding in the nation- wide economy-building program,” Mr Pitt said.

“Under Primary Schools for the 21st Century, Queensland primary, P-12 and special schools will be funded to build new teaching and learning environments.

“It’s an unprecedented investment in the future of Queensland education and will largely be used to create state-of-the-art libraries and multi-purpose halls to meet the needs of 21st century students and their teachers.

“The libraries will include the latest equipment and technologies to ensure our students and teachers have access to top-class learning and research facilities.

“The multi-purpose halls will be used for recreational and physical activities, cultural presentations and exhibitions.

“Local communities will also be able to access all libraries and halls.”

Education and Training Minister Geoff Wilson said the program was part of the Australian Government’s push to create jobs and boost the economy through the Nation Building – Economic Stimulus Plan.

“This funding is welcome in Queensland. It will create local jobs, for local contractors at a time when Queenslanders need it most,” he said.

“Construction work for Round 1 Primary Schools for the 21st Century projects are expected to begin around the state as early as this month.”

For more information on the Building the Education Revolution program, including a full list of successful Queensland Round 1 Primary Schools for the 21st Century schools, visit