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What do locals say about the way Curtis Pitt represents the Mulgrave Electorate?

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‘Walk A Day In My Shoes’ – construction

Newspower Mt Sheridan

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Roads and Transport

Fatality Free Friday 2014

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Employment and Economic Development

Qld unemployment remains highest since July 2003 under Newman’s LNP

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Sport and Recreation


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Education and Training


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Dugong protection

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Far North Queensland's Labor MPs have called on Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to attend an urgent round table discussion in Cairns to discuss the ongoing issues associated with dugong protection in Queensland. I’m also seeking improved research to establish baseline data for the dugong population, to ensure a sustainable future. We need to focus on where there is already consensus as a starting point - by and large we are seeking the same outcome. Bringing all the key stakeholders together is the best and most practical way forward.



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Emergency Services

Fire and rescue response profile for Gordonvale

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As much of the operational work is now with road rescues the government should be identifying a site close to both the Bruce Highway and Gillies Range Road that would give rapid response times to vehicle crashes and also provide better services to Goldsborough and Little Mulgrave residents.

Arts and Culture


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Pitt extends life line to Garden Awards axed by Newman Government

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Garden Awards committee members Leonie Morris, Curtis Pitt, Marj Trainer, Judy Stubbs and Fred Morris.



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Primary Industries

Yellow Crazy Ant (Photo courtesy of Paul Zborowski)

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Yellow Crazy Ants are an introduced exotic species. They are widely regarded as environmental pests and are included as one of the world's 100 worst invasive species. The name 'crazy ant' is derived from their erratic walking style and frantic movements, especially when disturbed. The pest ant has spread extensively since it was first discovered in Cairns in 2001.

Mental Health and Disabilities


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Innovation funding for cleaner, greener tourism industry

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Curtis Pitt with Ron Cusick from Frankland Island Cruises. The marine-based tourism operator has received a $250,000 State Government grant to design and install a clean, quiet and energy efficient drive system for their vessels – a first for Far North Queensland tourism industry.

Parliamentary Committees

Disability Services Committee

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Member of the Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs legislative committee, Curtis Pitt, visited Melbourne with Minister Anastacia Palaszczuk to look at the Victorian Government's approach to supporting people with a disability



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Campaign Hustings 2009

Taking it to the street

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Gordonvale residents speak with Premier Anna Bligh and candidate Curtis Pitt

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